Let’s be in Ibiza

Let’s be in Ibiza.
Light trickles around where my body lay, cascading a magnificent array of reds and yellows rippling through the cool, night sea. Brighter than anywhere, I am welcomed. This unique form of beauty mesmerizes me to a point I am restrained from even taking a photo. My brain can capture this moment, as it absorbs the care-free shards of light depicted around as a spotlight might. This form of beauty is not something which one could experience in England. A yacht sails into its arms, embraced by the sunset and swallowed wholly into its deep red mouth. Temperature of the sand between my toes and that which engulfs my body has dropped- not as though to say goodbye- but to rest.
And now, I must rest, too.


‘The land of (Un)comfortableness’

What influenced my decision to start a blog?

I ask myself the same question.
Admit it, at some point or other we have all written a diary in some shape or form! But again, admit it, this did not last five minutes! For some, the problem may be they do not like writing their feelings down on paper, for some it may be that you simply cannot delve deep enough within yourself to figure out what to write, and for others it is just sheer laziness.
For me?
It’s all three!
People always say ‘Try something new’, or as my art teacher says: ‘Delve into the world of uncomfortableness.’ I figured it is the same for writing. So alternatively, I am starting a blog!
Another question I have come to ask myself is:
What am I going to blog about?
And the answer is:
Who knows?!
For once, I am going to ‘let it flow’ instead of planning everything to the minute- and I advise you do this too, in everything you do, because this is what it is all about-

Going into the land of (un)comfortableness.   

Land of (un)comfortableness!